I have been tying a dragonfly for two years and wondered if there was any real interest on trying to use foam. I tie this one in about ten minutes. If anyone wants to see how, I've giving a step by step.


- cut thick foam  into thin wedges, about 2 inches long  and 1/4 to 5/16  slice a line down the middle starting from a 1/4 inch from the thick end color with a marker of your choice, ( I like Prisma colors) make sure you get the ends mount a needle in the vise and wrap the needle loosely , about 3/4 inch use something for the tail spikes(  use a small clump of feathers)and tie onto the needle place the thin part of the body onto the needle and wrap around foam in sections ( dont wrap it to tight but it should be firm) continue down the tail towards the thorax whip finish at the last tail segment Grab the tail firmly and pull the tail and the thread base off the needle.  Mount a streamer hook I use a Gamatkatsu 4 2x long lay down a thread wrap to the point of the hook wrap a hackle of choice (I used a cheapo strung hackle), Make it as dense as you want. cut a slot into the thorax of the foam body fairly deep but not all the way through. place a line of super glue on the top of the hook place the foam body onto the hook and wrap twice to create the last tail segment. Jump half the body length and wrap with three turns firmly Apply a hackle with its downy feathers to the last thread wrap Hackle the feather as much as possible and tie in. Now do a cris cross pattern on the head to produce the eyes.tie off and whip at the eye of the hook. Take the hackle feather and firmly flatten them out to produce the wingsapply a small amount of fabric cement to the point where the hackle lies next to the thorax. this will keep the feathers flat and narrow next to the thorax.

apply some uv or fabric glue to the eyes to give them a buggy look. I place a small clipping of holographic tape under the glue bubble.


I hope this makes sense. They are a lot of work but they catch a lot of fish!dragon fly ftr 003.JPG dragon fly ftr 004.JPG dragon fly ftr 005.JPG dragon fly ftr 007.JPG dragon fly ftr 008.JPG dragon fly ftr 009.JPG dragon fly ftr 011.JPG dragon fly ftr 011.JPG dragon fly ftr 012.JPG dragon fly ftr 013.JPG dragon fly ftr 014.JPG dragon fly ftr 018.JPG dragon fly ftr 019.JPG dragon fly ftr 021.JPG dragon fly ftr 024.JPG dragon fly ftr 024.JPG dragon fly ftr 028.JPG mar8 004.JPG

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