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Stonefly Swap

I just got all my info sent to the mods, so Im ready to host my first swap. Lets swap some stoneflies. I love them, theres nothing like some of those hatches. Yeah it might seem a little far off, but its never too early to start filling the boxes. Little Brown Stones will even start showing up early next year. But for this swap it can be whatever you'd like. Yellow Sallies, Golden, or even maybe some Salmonfly patterns? Dries would be awesome but nymphs are also welcome as well.


1. 12 swappers (with me included) would be great but if thats too many or theres not enough interest, I don't have a  problem dropping it down to 6 or so. 


2. Please toe tag your flies, this should make it easy to sort them out.


3. Please send the flies in a crushproof box, in a self addressed, stamped envelope so that I can send them back. 


4. I'll set the deadline to November 30th, I think that should be plenty of time. 


I'll keep this thread updated, and let me know when you ship them. That should cover it, and have fun!


1. SM- Madam X












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