Hello from New Hampshire (US)

​Hello, I just wanted to take a minute to say hello since I'm new here.  When I was 10 my Nana (grandma) bought me a 6 weight rod and LL Bean fly tying kit...somehow I managed to crank out several pretty decent looking dry flies and nymphs at that time...used the rod a few times but mostly just enjoyed tying flies (it was easier to take my spinning setup on my bicycle to the river).  23 years later I just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail and spent the last 100 miles fishing my way through the hundred mile wilderness- with a backpacking spinning rod and bubbles/tippet to cast flies from it...loved it and decided to get back into fly fishing and fly tying.  Took some classes (loved them) and got a great deal on some gear... now it's winter here but I'm taking up fly tying again.  Found this board- excited to get a new hobby!


...now frustratingly trying to choose between a Regal, HMH, or Renzetti vise- I kind of like all 3 but with my stubby fingers am partial to the Regal or HMH.

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