What is this?

I recently saw somone using a tubular material, similar to a Chinese finger trap. It was used over foam, came in a "rope" and different colors. Can anyone tell me the name of this material and where it can be had? Oh, it was about 3/8" diameter. T... No related posts.

Loch Ordie Muddler (variation) SBS

Loch Ordie Muddler (variation)   IMG_8864_zpsllbcksrl.jpg   A different way to skin the cat's head.     hook - Mustad 3906  #8 thread - Danville 6/0  black body - ginger variant saddle hackle  collar/head - deer hair (loop dubbed)   mash barb, start thread, wrap to bend   IMG_8873_zpsexmjmwab.jpg     tie in hackle by tip   IMG_8848_zps5q8r4eqr.jpg     palmer forward to 3/4 mark; tie off/trim   IMG_8849_zpsvmhorysy.jpg     wax thread, create loop   IMG_8850_zpsq21m1mwt.jpg     clean, stack, measure (= to front hackle length); insert in clip, trim butts, insert in clip, spin   [img]http://i1302.photobucket.com/albums/ag128/SBPatt/Tying/Tying003/IMG_8851_zpsfiuesjnd.jpg   IMG_8852_zpsdgnm3pcs.jpg   IMG_8853_zpsx1mbkwvb.jpg   IMG_8854_zpshsopon4q.jpg   IMG_8876_zpswhoucmbg.jpg     stroke fibers back; wrap head, tie off/trim   IMG_8856_zpsn4bcziao.jpg   IMG_8857_zps5t5oe7xz.jpg     half hitch x 2, SHHAN, trim head   IMG_8864_zpsllbcksrl.jpg   IMG_8867_zpsgh0a6zuf.jpg   IMG_8872_zpsv1km7flo.jpg     Regards, Scott No related posts.